Rest assured, your website is online.

Thanks to world's easiest website monitoring service.

Your website, ecommerce or saas is vital for your business. So you need to be sure it’s online. Thanks to UptimeBlue, you’ll know it’s online.

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“So easy to set up. It took me a few seconds.”

Hanna D. – Flower Interactive


“Happy that my shop is being watched.”

M. Peeters – Outdoor Retail


“Really easy to use. Great job!”

Salid – Freelancer


24/7 Monitoring

If your website goes offline, we will notify you immediately so you can take action.

Public Status Page

Connect your website with a public status page and display uptime and status updates.

Incident Management

Inform your customers what is happening and keep them posted with updates.

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What is website monitoring?

An website monitoring service checks your website regularly for its availability. Whenever your website is down, you will be notified instantly, enabling you to take action and bring your website back online.

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Why should I monitor my website?

In this digital world it’s vital to keep your website up and running at all times. Therefore, it is crucial to know when your website goes down so you can fix it immediately. With an UptimeBlue monitoring service, your website is monitored 24×7 and you can rest assured.

Why UptimeBlue Monitoring Service

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Start monitoring your website.